An Ophthalmic Research Institute in Graz.

We support and engage in patient centered original research in selected fields of ophthalmology. Our focus is on ophthalmic oncology, ophthalmic genetics and operations research. 



Ophthalmic Oncology

Ocular tumors are rare malignancies with unique and fascinating clinical and genetical properties. For decades, they have served as models for tumorigenesis, for our understanding of the metastactic cascade, and for targeted treatment. Starting with basic clinical research in ophthalmic oncology over 20 years ago, we today still focus on patient centered projects, translating results from the lab clinical routine, to improve care and serve our patients better.  

Ophthalmic Genetics

Arising from our experience in ophthalmic oncolgy, we engage in curiosity driven research in ophthalmic genetics, in the lab and in silico, eliciting the genetic mechanisms of tumorigenesis, and enjoying the moment when the penny drops. We offer our experience in technical development and project management to research groups from other centers and other subspecialities in ophthalmology. 

Operations Research

Based on more than two decades of experience in academic opthalmology, specialized and primary care, we excel in implementing best practice models developed by renowned international clinical centers in private practices, especially in the extramural sector of the Austrian health system. Translating latest scientific results to daily routine, requires a profound understanding of the vast variety of clinical and organizational processes. Exemplary implementation in our fields of clinical expertise and evaluation of processes is our strength and business. We develop and improve business, scientific and clinical software to analyze and improve all aspects of work in small, medium sized and large high-quality ophthalmology practices.